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Garden Center

Maddox Garden Center and Landscaping offers a great variety of high-quality landscaping supplies for all your projects, big and small. Whether it’s mulch for your trees or big shrubs, we have it all in store.

Stepping Stone, Edging and Garden Wall Materials

Bulk Mulch

Enhance the beauty of your landscape with our premium bulk mulch. Sourced for quality and durability, our mulch not only adds an aesthetic touch to your garden but also helps retain soil moisture, suppress weeds, and promote overall plant health. Choose from a variety of colors and types to complement your outdoor space, providing a finishing touch that's both functional and visually appealing.

Brown dyed mulchcedar mulchdyed red mulchhardwood mulchpremium black dyed mulchthe best black

Bulk Topsoil

Create the foundation for a thriving garden with our high-quality bulk topsoil. Our nutrient-rich topsoil is meticulously sourced and screened to ensure optimal quality for your landscaping projects. Whether you're starting a new garden bed or rejuvenating existing soil, our bulk topsoil provides the essential nutrients and structure necessary for vibrant, healthy plant growth.

horse manure composttopsoil

Bulk Gravel & Stone

Elevate your outdoor aesthetics with our versatile bulk gravel/stone options. Perfect for pathways, driveways, or decorative accents, our carefully selected gravel and stone varieties add texture and character to your landscape. Durable and low-maintenance, these materials are not just functional but also contribute to the overall visual appeal of your outdoor space.

brassfield chipsbulk stone brassfielddense grade limestonefine masonary sandlimestone angularlimestonemeramec mediummissippi sparkleoversized riverstoneround wgsmall riverstone


Instantly transform your outdoor space with our high-quality sod. Whether you're looking to establish a new lawn or patch up existing areas, our carefully harvested sod provides an instant carpet of lush, green grass. Enjoy the immediate gratification of a well-manicured lawn, creating a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere for your home. While we do have this available, please call to check on what we have in stock. 


Add natural elegance to your landscape with our diverse selection of trees. From ornamental trees to shade-providing varieties, our curated collection ensures that each tree becomes a focal point in your outdoor sanctuary. Enjoy the beauty, shade, and environmental benefits that well-chosen trees bring to your garden.

Bagged Materials

From rich composts to premium potting mixes, our bagged materials are the secret to growing a flourishing garden oasis.

grade a all bark cypressmulch positive blackmulch positive rednatural eastern cedarnatural hardwoodpine bark mini nuggetspine bark mulchpine bark nuggetspine needles

Bagged Soil

Plant with confidence using our premium bagged soil blends, crafted to give your plants the foundation they need to thrive.

Bagged soilbagged soilbagged soilbagged soilgarden magic compostspagnum peat moss

Bagged Stone

Create a landscape that stands the test of time with our diverse range of bagged stones, each one a timeless addition that adds beauty and durability to your outdoor spaces.

paver basePea Gravelplay sandpond stonered lava rockriver rockSand all purposewhite marble rock

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